Sunday, April 20, 2014

Come Sunday - Easter, 2014

Here's a transcription of  Duke Ellington's Come Sunday, as performed by Ben Webster on tenor sax, Oscar Peterson on piano. I had the privilege and pleasure to play this morning at New Vision Methodist Church in Millbrae, California. Choir director Craig Davis did a marvelous job, charting and arranging, assembling a jazz quintet to accompany the choir, leading the congregation through several selections from the hymnal, directing and inspiring us all. Come Sunday was chosen for a prelude to the service, and Craig graciously provided a transposed chart in Gb - and one in Ab for the tenor sax. We stuck with Craig's chart because of time constraints, but I took his chart home, doggedly compared it to the recording and developed a lead sheet for the tenor, and a chord chart for C instruments. In my previous post "Transposing a Step Down - Body and Soul" I mentioned the "Gb - F# conundrum." The Real Book chart is in Bb, we had to go two whole steps down to get this into Gb concert. Not a perfect transcription, but pretty close:

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