Monday, May 12, 2014

Bass Clef Melodic Exercises - free PDF

Three years in the making, I have a new method book soon to be published! 144 Daily Exercises - Developing Melodic Technique introduces a simplified system of tonal organization to encourage rapid progress in improvising and composing skills through a complete understanding of modes and altered chords.

It comes with an accompanying CD, taking practicing musicians through 12 sustained chords in 12 keys in just 30 minutes of concentrated, effective effort. The book includes treble clef exercises, pages 1-15. The bass clef version is offered here at no charge through out of my respect for those who choose to master acoustic bass, electric bass and other bass clef instruments, and it helps to avoid printing two versions.

In addition to the 144 Exercises, great effort has been applied to creating concise digested information: Writing Melodic Lines, Chord-Scale Theory, Chord Inversions, Patterns and Discoveries, Tri-tones Made Easy - all these are described logically and thoroughly. Quick Concepts offers many ideas for improvisation, and Power to the Etude is a guide that leads to composing and improvising your own etudes.

144 Daily Exercises - Developing Melodic Technique is 28 pages,
8 1/2 x 11, with the CD on the inside back cover. I don't know my costs yet, so it's too soon for pricing and distribution. Please watch my blog or send an email if you'd like to purchase an early copy!

For your PDF of the bass clef exercises, or more information please email or

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